About Us

Melby’s Southern Kitchen is the brain child of operating co-owner and cook Daria Reid

Daria learned to cook at a young age by sitting and watching her Grandfather Melvin Vines, who was the main cook in the home of him and her Grandmother Ruby Vines. He was born and raised in Alabama where all the good soul food was always made from scratch and on the table hot and fresh at all meal times. He would also hunt, so there was no shortage of the different types of meat that he cooked. During all of this prepping and cooking is where Daria was watching and tasting, not knowing that this time was preparing her for her future. Her Grandmother Ruby didn’t cook as much, but when she did, it was crispy fried chicken, great smelling liver & onions or an awesome pound cake. By now, you realize that the name Melby’s was inspired by her Grandparents Melvin and Ruby.

Daria has over 25 years of business management experience to add to the over 30 years of cooking, baking and catering experience. Daria has been cooking and baking professionally for over 13 years and although it’s not always easy, she loves to recreate the dishes she grew up on and create new dishes as well because of the satisfaction and feedback of all who taste her dishes. If you were to ask her today, she would tell you that, never in her wildest dreams did she think that she would be doing what she loves to do and learned to do at such a young age.

"Taste The Love In Every Bite"


Djenaba Shine
Salmon nuggets are so good! The greens are really good too.
Valeria C
Very good, efficient, service was polite and professional, portions good, over all, Excellent!!!
Norman P
First time at Melby's. They serve OUTSTANDING soul food and have great folks working there. I will absolutely be back and can’t wait to try their Sunday specials!
Eric P
I ordered Neck Bones and Chili both were DELICIOUS! I’m glad to welcome a new quality restaurant to my Neighborhood. Looking forward to tasting the fried Chicken next time.
Pamela Salas
We had the pulled pork and green beans and chicken for our granddaughters graduation pay it was great!! I'm going to try some more things you have this week
Sharon L Gray
The food was soooo good! I had the meatloaf, greens, sweet potatoes. Y’all sleeping if you don’t try them. My highest compliments to the chef!